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My Heartthrob quilt is finished! I’m so excited about having this quilt done, it was very fun to work on but its even better to use! I had a hard time deciding how to quilt it, I didn’t want to take away from the pattern, and I wanted it to look modern. I found a good tutorial on concentric circle quilting and went to work quilting circles 2″ apart from each other.


I used an IKEA print for the back and I was only planning on using that fabric alone, but I stared and stared at it for ever looking for a repeat on my two cut pieces and for the life of me could not manage to find one! I pieced some scraps together from the front of the quilt and made a column to join my two backing pieces. I’ll try to get that matching backing pieces thing down in the future 🙂


I need to get some better pictures of this quilt, but this is what I have for now…these are taken in the shade and I think the colors pop a little more in the sun.

I did learn a lot in finishing this quilt, for example I ran out of basting spray right at the start of basting, and I don’t own any basting pins…so as an alternative to both of those methods I looked online and found a herringbone quilt basting tutorial  which I decided is a lost art!! I hand basted this entire quilt with normal thread and was surprised at how easy it was and also how much I enjoyed going over my whole quilt by hand before I quilted it. It sure makes spray basting seem miraculously fast, but I don’t really like the chemicals in the spray or how much it costs.  As I used the herringbone method I thought about all the women from history who relied on this method before safety pins were invented, it made me feel self-reliant and resourceful! I probably won’t do it every time, but I’d like to do it for the majority or my quilts going forward 🙂



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