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oh, the Places you’ll go!

Oh the places you'll go quilt

This is a sample I made for the Quilting Bee…I really enjoyed working with this color palatte and building new blocks. I haven’t sewn anything ‘wonky’ yet and this was a really good introduction into throwing caution to the wind and cutting something up without measuring!
Oh the places you'll go quilt
This picture looks wonky, but is in fact square 🙂
There were some blocks with quotes from the Dr. Seuss book, ‘oh, the Places you’ll go!’
Oh the places you'll go quilt
These stair blocks were really fun to build, and out of all the fabrics used in this quilt, that rainbow looking print was my favorite.
Oh the places you'll go
This is the finished quilt top
oh the places you'll go quilt
What a colorful quilt!




Charm Pack Tote

Charm pack tote

I decided to take the advice of other quilters online and buy a charm pack of a collection of fabric before buying yardage. I purchased a Sunnyside charm pack and got to work on making something with it. I found a couple good tutorials (and here) on making tote bags and took the general construction information and designed my own.

Charm pack tote

I used fusible fleece and quilting it in vertical straight lines with a variegated thread that I found matched very well. I love how it turned out, however I think the handles are a touch too long and it gives the tote more of a beach bag feel. Plus the bag is huge. I wanted a weekender sized bag, I need to pack a lot of stuff when I go places okay?! I also added an old plastic place mat on the bottom between the liner and outer panel to help give the bag some structure.

Charm pack tote

I love this bag and loved getting a look at the prints in this line of fabric!! Plus there are a TON of ideas online on what to use charm packs for, so I think I’ll do this again in the future when I see a whole line of fabric I love.