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Charm Pack Tote


Charm pack tote

I decided to take the advice of other quilters online and buy a charm pack of a collection of fabric before buying yardage. I purchased a Sunnyside charm pack and got to work on making something with it. I found a couple good tutorials (and here) on making tote bags and took the general construction information and designed my own.

Charm pack tote

I used fusible fleece and quilting it in vertical straight lines with a variegated thread that I found matched very well. I love how it turned out, however I think the handles are a touch too long and it gives the tote more of a beach bag feel. Plus the bag is huge. I wanted a weekender sized bag, I need to pack a lot of stuff when I go places okay?! I also added an old plastic place mat on the bottom between the liner and outer panel to help give the bag some structure.

Charm pack tote

I love this bag and loved getting a look at the prints in this line of fabric!! Plus there are a TON of ideas online on what to use charm packs for, so I think I’ll do this again in the future when I see a whole line of fabric I love.


3 thoughts on “Charm Pack Tote

  1. LOVE THIS! Sunnyside is also a favorite of mine. The old placemat is a perfect idea! Thanks for the links and inspiration!

  2. P.S. I just wanted to reply to your recent blog comment about the Sisters’ Ten Blocks – I’m SO GLAD I’m not alone! Hah! I hope you put those blocks together soon! Some on my blog suggested that you actually add a teeny bit of sashing to the blocks that are too small so you don’t have to cut the triangles- just a though before you start hacking away like me!

    • Oh that’s a great idea! I’m doing the 12″ blocks and accidentally cut one month out at the 9″ dimensions, I was planning on adding sashing around that one to fit so I will probably do that for the others that are too small too, thanks for the idea!!

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