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Making Waves Wall hanging

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I made this wall hanging from my rainbow stack of fat quarters I ordered from Connecting Threads. I also received the first 6 issues of Modern Quilts Illustrated  by Weeks Ringle and Bill Kerr for Christmas and fell in love with issue #3 and decided to make every single thing in the magazine from cover to cover.

I started to quilt the recommended swirls in the bottom left corner and just decided my skill level wasn’t up to par. I knew I’d end up just hating looking at it so I picked the stitches out and decided to go with something very basic. I followed the curve in the dark grey and did a simple two lines of stitching in the grey between the color segments.
Making Waves

This is my first wall hanging quilt and I had no idea how to hang it, but I figured it out and made two sleeves, attached them to the back making sure there was a gap in the middle between them and put a dowel through the sleeves. You’re not supposed to be able to see the dowel, but it’s hanging out of the end on the picture below (oops). I basted this wall hanging on my carpet and am not happy with how wrinkley it turned out…lesson learned! I won’t be basting anything no matter how small it is on carpet again 🙂
Making Waves

I can’t wait to make more mini quilt wall hangings! I’m also super excited to finish a few more things from issue #3 🙂


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Rainbow Fabric Stack

Cyber Monday spoils by Mdcy9
Cyber Monday spoils, a photo by Mdcy9 on Flickr.

This is just a pretty picture of some of my online shopping scores from cyber Monday. It’s from Connecting Threads, part of their quilters candy fabric. I made something very rainbowy from it already and will post about it as soon as it’s finished.

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Silver Polka Dot Scarf

Okay so this isn’t about quilting, but I thought it was still worth posting. Plus I haven’t posted in so long I needed something to put up quickly 🙂 I made this scarf as a project in a Craftsy class called Beginner Serging taught by Amy Alan. I loved using my Bernina serger for this project and learning more about the things I can do with it.
Infinity Scarf

I really adore how it turned out and it’s one of my favorite scarves to wear now!