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Mountain Range Quilt Top & Mug Rug

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In January I attended ‘Quilt ’till you wilt’ hosted by The Quilting Bee. I sewed up a quilt top for my mom and participated in a design your own mug rug challenge.

Mountain range quilt

This top was made with shimmery, metallic fabric by Northcott called Artisan Spirit Shimmer. It was fun to work with and the design came together pretty fast. There was one ‘Y’ seam that I needed help with and some finicky measuring and cutting, but other than that the design was easy.

Mountain range

Mountain range quilt

After I finished the mountain range top, I started thinking about my mug rug design. I checked out Flickr for some inspiration and came up with this:

Mug Rug
I used the scraps from my mountain range top, and I loved how it turned out!

Mug Rug

All of the ladies at quilt ’till you wilt voted on their favorite mug rug and I ended up winning second place – I voted for the first place winner, so maybe if I hadn’t done that… 🙂


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