A Colorful Modern Quilting Blog


I love modern quilting and started this blog as a way to document, journal and share my creations.

My first patchwork quilt – Turning Twenty pattern



Welcome to Coral Forrest :D

I was inspired to start this blog by the dozens of quilting, sewing and cooking blogs I’ve been following for the past few years. I wanted a place to journal my own creations and keep track of what I’m working on and what I’ve completed. I’ve started sewing samples for my Mothers quilt shop and also wanted a way to document those quilts as when I’ve completed a project I hand them back to her to display and eventually sell in her store, never to be seen by me again!

I will post current work-in-progress projects as well as completed projects. I don’t have a schedule or quota to fill for number of posts, it will be largely dependent on how much sewing I’m fitting in. I may post an occasional recipe or update on whats happening in my little family too.

My blogs title ‘Coral Forrest’ comes from my love of everything outdoors, being in nature is my happy place.


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