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Sisters’ Ten Block of the Month (Jan-Jun)

I started my first Block of the Month in January, Anne Marie from Gen X Quilters is hosting it this year and I loved the modern layout of this quilt ! I’ve enjoyed every month and have learnt a great deal about different techniques like Half Square Triangles and Hourglass blocks as well as accurate 1/4″ seams. I was not aware at the beginning of the year I was NOT sewing with a 1/4″ foot, so I’m going to have to do some adjustments when I put the quilt together 🙂 Here are the first 6 months of blocks: 

These are the January blocks, and my first experience with Flickr and taking pictures of quilting 😀

February blocks, one of my favorite months

March block, called School Girls Puzzle…it’s my favorite block so far!

And April, Lady of the Lake

This is May – As I went to square up HST’s I notice they were WAY smaller than the instructions said they should be and I noticed I cut out the 9″ sized block 😦 I usually pick out the fabric for one block, cut some of it out and sew some of it etc. and this month I decided to cut it ALL out first and then sew it all at once. Arg, so annoying I cut everything out too small, it was so de-motivating…I decided to just sew a white border around these blocks to fit them in with the rest of the quilt as opposed to starting over and cutting the right 12″ size.

June block – didn’t pay attention to the dot direction on the 2nd block, so aggravating, but I’m not going to change it, just going to chalk it up to ‘added character’

So that’s it, my January – June blocks 🙂