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Making Waves Wall hanging

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I made this wall hanging from my rainbow stack of fat quarters I ordered from Connecting Threads. I also received the first 6 issues of Modern Quilts Illustrated  by Weeks Ringle and Bill Kerr for Christmas and fell in love with issue #3 and decided to make every single thing in the magazine from cover to cover.

I started to quilt the recommended swirls in the bottom left corner and just decided my skill level wasn’t up to par. I knew I’d end up just hating looking at it so I picked the stitches out and decided to go with something very basic. I followed the curve in the dark grey and did a simple two lines of stitching in the grey between the color segments.
Making Waves

This is my first wall hanging quilt and I had no idea how to hang it, but I figured it out and made two sleeves, attached them to the back making sure there was a gap in the middle between them and put a dowel through the sleeves. You’re not supposed to be able to see the dowel, but it’s hanging out of the end on the picture below (oops). I basted this wall hanging on my carpet and am not happy with how wrinkley it turned out…lesson learned! I won’t be basting anything no matter how small it is on carpet again 🙂
Making Waves

I can’t wait to make more mini quilt wall hangings! I’m also super excited to finish a few more things from issue #3 🙂


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Rainbow Fabric Stack

Cyber Monday spoils by Mdcy9
Cyber Monday spoils, a photo by Mdcy9 on Flickr.

This is just a pretty picture of some of my online shopping scores from cyber Monday. It’s from Connecting Threads, part of their quilters candy fabric. I made something very rainbowy from it already and will post about it as soon as it’s finished.


Charm Pack Tote

Charm pack tote

I decided to take the advice of other quilters online and buy a charm pack of a collection of fabric before buying yardage. I purchased a Sunnyside charm pack and got to work on making something with it. I found a couple good tutorials (and here) on making tote bags and took the general construction information and designed my own.

Charm pack tote

I used fusible fleece and quilting it in vertical straight lines with a variegated thread that I found matched very well. I love how it turned out, however I think the handles are a touch too long and it gives the tote more of a beach bag feel. Plus the bag is huge. I wanted a weekender sized bag, I need to pack a lot of stuff when I go places okay?! I also added an old plastic place mat on the bottom between the liner and outer panel to help give the bag some structure.

Charm pack tote

I love this bag and loved getting a look at the prints in this line of fabric!! Plus there are a TON of ideas online on what to use charm packs for, so I think I’ll do this again in the future when I see a whole line of fabric I love.

I have been looking for a Christmas quilt pattern for a couple months to use up my Joy by Kate Spain fat quarters. I sketched a design out but I don’t have any software at this point to make it digital and I’m far too lazy to figure out fabric requirements and measurements by hand. I don’t remember where I saw this QAL for the first time, but once I saw the finished quilt I thought it looked like a great pattern to use. The Fat Quarter Shop  is hosting this QAL on their blog and I’ve completed the first block, Three Wise Gingerbread Men.

I used a couple Christmasy stash fabrics, and the aqua color if from the Joy line. I think they turned out really cute, but I am not used to this fussy style of piece work, it felt like it took my FOREVER to cut out, sew and press this block.

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Welcome to Coral Forrest 😀 I’m a newbie blogger and am not 100% sure what I’m doing here but I thought an introductory post was in order to attempt to articulate why I started this blog.

I was inspired to start this blog by the dozens of quilting, sewing and cooking blogs I’ve been following for the past few years. I wanted a place to journal my own creations and keep track of what I’m working on and what I’ve completed. I’ve started sewing samples for my Mothers quilt shop and also wanted a way to document those quilts as when I’ve completed a project I hand them back to her to display and eventually sell in her store, never to be seen by me again!

I will post current work-in-progress projects as well as completed projects. I don’t have a schedule or quota to fill for number of posts, it will be largely dependent on how much sewing I’m fitting in. I may post an occasional recipe or update on whats happening in my little family too.

My blogs title ‘Coral Forrest’ comes from my love of everything outdoors and the ocean. Being in nature is my happy place,

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Green Tea

This is a sample I made for the Quilting Bee quilt shop, it is called Green Tea made with Tonga Treat batiks by Timeless Treasures. I have never sewn a curved seam before and there ended up being 80 in total, so I had a lot of practice by the end of it. Quilting Bee samples are not my style or what I would choose to sew for fun or have in my home, however I can appreciate their attractiveness to others! I really liked how this came together and I enjoyed the improv fabric choosing to achieve the light to dark and dark to light look. 

Here is another look